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+rosebud no.8 – The Surprise
Wolf Lotter, Ralf Herms (Ed.)

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+rosebud no.8 – The surprise is the final issue of +rosebud magazine. The bibliophilically designed and produced book marks the conclusion of a series whose leitmotiv, for more than 20 years, outside of genre boundaries, explores the possibilities of the medium of paper and develops it experimentally.

Central to the book is an essay by the author and journalist Wolf Lotter on innovation and creativity as the main drivers of digital society. The surprise is an appeal for a culture of curiosity, for less safety thinking and more self-determination. The "surprise-ability" thus gained becomes the decisive factor for the correct understanding of the world of tomorrow.

The text is accompanied by 55 obvious, partly visual digressions, which comment on the many facets of the topic profoundly and lightly. The presentation of + rosebud no.8 is program: Included in 42 different colored, hand-made marble papers with silver title embossing, promises even the purchase of a highly individual surprise moment—which variant one finally holds in his_her hands, is left to chance.

EditorRalf Herms
PrefaceRalf Herms
TextWolf Lotter
DesignRosebud Design
LanguageGerman/ English
DetailsHardcover, 304 pages, 10 x 15 cm, 55 ills. in color
Publication date11/2019
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