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Susanne Kühn
Proliferation – Vasa, Auginella and Other Sprouts

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This monograph provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments in Susanne Kühn's oeuvre. For the first time, her monumental black-and-white paintings, her ceramics and the photographs with staged poses from painting history are accessible in book form. As an extended exhibition space, the publication designed by the artist gives unlimited access to experiencing her work.

Kühn's figurative practice is discursively positioned in two new essays. Heidi Brunnschweiler outlines the media-theoretical contribution of Kühn's figurative image production in view of AI-operated, digital image generation using the example of video games. Magdalena Wisniowska discusses Kühn's paintings based on Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's distinction between the levels of organisation and consistency. The author shows how Kühn develops a sense of reality that goes beyond the exhausted distinction between the real and the fantastic.

EditorGalerie für Gegenwartskunst, E-WERK Freiburg, Heidi Brunnschweiler
TextsHeidi Brunnschweiler, Magdalena Wisniowska
DesignSusanne Kühn
LanguageEnglish, German
DetailsSoftcover, 32 cm x 23 cm, 72 pages, num.ills. in color
Publication date05/2024
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