The Healthy Times 2
FUN Forever

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No one thought that Lukas, Philip and Felix, alias the Healthy Boy Band, would accomplish a second issue of their newly founded magazine The Healthy Times but somehow they did it. Welcome to The Healthy Times 2.

The Healthy Boy Band is a cooking and art collective that was founded by the three Austrian cooks Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, and Felix Schellhorn. The Healthy Boy Band always moves in the creative conflict zone between fine dining and “trash food,” classic gastronomy and performance art.

In 2020, the collective founded their magazine The Healthy Times, which is published twice a year. The main aim of the publication is to pay tribute to the rich diversity of cooking and gastronomy.

In the second edition of The Healthy Times, all of the Healthy Boy Band’s events, happenings, and performances to date are presented chronologically. Lukas will be a father soon, Philip already has 2 children, so the days of unlimited pleasure are probably numbered. But while everything so far has been so much fun, we’ve decided to name this magazine “FUN Forever” as a tribute to the Babyshambles. Because one thing is clear, we’re always going to have our fun somehow.

“FUN Forever” also trips off the tongue more easily. This food magazine or art catalogue or book, who knows exactly what it is, should be a historic document that shows everything that has made the Healthy Boy Band into what it is today. Three simple guys, who can cook really well, are sometimes a little shocking, but, above all, want to make people enthusiastic about gastronomy.

The second issue is dedicated to their moms—Ira, Marion und Susi.

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EditorHealthy Boy Band
TextsManuel Bauer, Anna Burghardt, Nicolas Bourriaud, Maciej Chmara, Severin Corti, Mat Gallet, Leon Joskowitz, Olivia Lennox, Victoria Mallard, Patricia Meunier, Tina Neubauer, Andrea Petrini, Nina Schedlmayer, Stephanie Schelling, Christian Seiler
RecipesEduard Dimant, Healthy Boy Band (Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn), Philipp Inreiter, Markus Mraz, Wolfgang Ortner, Helmut Rachinger, Sepp Schellhorn
DesignWolfgang Ortner (OrtnerSchinko), Simon Walterer
DetailsSoftcover, 23 x 30 cm, 564 pages, numerous ills. in color
Note3 covers available, selection is random = you get what you get
Publication date07/2021
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The Healthy Times 3

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