Splash Ring

Gabi Dziuba & Henning Strassburger
Ring + Pendant SPLASH


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SPLASH (Ring + Pendant) accompanies the publication Gabi Dziuba: Henning Strassburger fotografiert DZIUBA JEWELS Sommer 2018–2022.

"...I met Henning in Antwerp, at the opening of Hans-Jörg Mayer’s show ‘This is not a Love Song’, in 2012. I was thrilled that he made this trip to Antwerp, arrived in the evening + left the very next morning after a totally crazy night. Actually, I fell in love with Henning that night and I much liked his photos, his Kenny, Jane and Justin notebooks: Kenny for Kenny McCormick from South Park, Jane for Jane Fonda, and Justin for Justin Bieber: genius!..."

Gabi Dziuba has the 80s energy. She has it until today. The 80s were the most creative and the most physical decade of the Germans. Then the 80s migrated to digitalization and globalization, where they slowly lost their intensity. Henning Strassburger, who was only born in the 80s, also has this energy. It is as if the 80s found asylum with him. He is young and lives in the present, but his inexhaustible creative attitude towards art, photography, fashion, music and literature goes beyond this. SPLASH is the ring and the pendent in which this collaboration culminates!

DesignGabi Dziuba & Henning Strassburger
Ring Sizes57,5–64
MaterialRing: silver 925, cold enamel
Pendant: silver 925 with curb chain, lost shape, unique, signed
EditionOpen edition
Splash Pendant
IMG 1837
IMG 2623

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