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Wiener Times
Ceramic Books

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A silly collection of handcrafted glazed ceramics, coffee-table books of sorts (though modest in size,) to be used—or not—as serving plates, trivets, or paperweights. They are high-heat resistant and coated on the lower side with a thin finishing of cork to provide stability and prevent scratches on surfaces.

“For Wiener Times, I made a personal selection of non-bibliophilia: a profane collection of books at hand, mostly text-based (some literature, some essays, and some recipes,) often in a cheap edition. However, these are some of my favourites.” David Jourdan

Photo: Pascal Petignat

DesignDavid Jourdan for Wiener Times
DimensionsBocuse: L 20,5 X W 14 X H 2,5 CM
Perec: L 18 X W 11 X H 1,3 CM 1
Littérature: L 18 X W 11 X H 1,3 CM
Bovary: L 18 X W 11 X H 1,3 CM
ProductionMade in Austria



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