A propos eine Tüte Milch. Gegenstände der Kunst und solche der Philosophie

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Works of art are objects, but they are also non-representational. They point beyond themselves and suggest a truth. Since they involve the viewer, without whom they cannot exist. Philosophy, on the other hand, seems to be completely non-objective, it is concerned with truth. But truth, on its side, is something objective. In this way, art and philosophy are intertwined. The essay examines the question of how objectivity and non-objectivity meet in art and philosophy. Can a carton of milk be art, for example, or is it only the visible, representational side of an art that lives in the world of concepts? And can philosophy perhaps even be an art that, in conversation with non-philosophical art, discovers objects that were previously hidden from it? Markus Gabriel addresses these central questions of aesthetics in the burning glass of his New Realism and thus develops an innovative contribution to the redefinition of the relationship between art and philosophy in the 21st century.

EditorLes Éditions KMD
TextsMarkus Gabriel
DesignPablo Sanchez
DetailsHardcover, 14,5 x 11 cm, 120 pages, no ills.
Publication date05/2022


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