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Dorothea Nold – Im Kreislauf der Schwerkraft
In the Cycle of Gravity

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In her sculptural and installational works, the sculptress Dorothea Nold investigates the transformation of social, physical, and urban spaces into architectural forms along with their connections and interactions. It is often the experiences arising during her travels and sojourns in foreign countries which serve as the primary catalyst for specific working methods, a resolute response to materials, and both formal and contentual references. The publication brings a documentation of these experiential worlds in the form of photographs and short texts together with the works of the last ten years and conveys biographical insights into Nold’s working processes and artistic methods. Her works are inseparably intertwined with various socio-cultural contexts and are rooted in urban space; this fundamental interconnection is explored here for the first time.

EditorDorothea Nold
TextsDorothea Nold, Sonja Baeger, Dr. Katharina Koch, Vincent Barré
DesignDaniela Weirich
DetailsHardcover, 31 x 23,6 cm, 248 pages, numerous ills. in color
Publication date11/2022
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