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tokio, rückwärtstagebuch
Kathrin Röggla / Oliver Grajewski


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This publication launches the starfruit publication edition, which at irregular intervals is dedicated to unusual forms of collaboration between contemporary artists and authors. “tokio, rückwärtstagebuch” is a co production by Kathrin Röggla, one of the most important representatives of German contemporary literature and Oliver Grajewski, known as the creator of the “Tigerboy” comic series. In the diary like documentation of a trip through Tokyo, both find a projection surface for experiencing the unknown, a “culture clash” story that contains amusing as well as “spooky” aspects to the same extent. Following the Japanese way of reading text from the back, Oliver Grajewski continues with his enigmatic “backwards” picture story. He analyses urban space, shows fractures and distortion that occur when cultural tradition that has been developing for centuries is “overpowered” by modern architecture as if speeded up. By applying various styles (of drawing) – ranging from classical reportage to Manga cut up – Grajewski plays masterfully with manifold possibilities of visualizing complex reality. This way, two separate and independent viewpoints come together, forming a manifold and exciting “parallel story”.

Editorstarfruit publications, Kathrin Mayer, Manfred Rothenberger
TextsKathrin Röggla
DesignTimo Reger, Nürnberg
DetailsFlexcover, 152 pages, numerous ills.
Publication date01/14
DrawingsOliver Grajewski
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